Sneak peek for Mini QT Swap on Flickr

Today I worked on a mini quilt for Spinstersister in my flickr group Mini QT Swap.  This is my sneak peek for her.  It’s not officially a sneak peak of the quilt, because the theme is a “coin quilt”.   I have sashed it and bordered it in a great black fabric, but I’ll wait to post a picture until she receives it!  It went together really quickly and the result is very colorful!  I auditioned it with both grey and black, and the black won the audition!  Yeah for black!!!  My friend and I were talking tonight about all the fabulous shades of black!  They are great at tying a lot of colors together! 

I have to admit to being a pastelly kind of gal, and so these bright colors are out of my comfort zone…  The great thing about swapping these minis out is that I have to move outside the box!

Keep stitching!!!  🙂 

This is an extreme close up on the mini coin quilt that I am making for the Mini QT Swap…  I really like these vibrant, rich colors!


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