Today I trimmed up my 3.5 inch blocks and stuck them in envelopes!  Yay!  Ready to mail tomorrow!  Here’s the finished block and all 9 together:

I mailed my swap partners this little advertisement along with the block…

Camping at Camp Ruthie

Mini QT Swap 3.5 inch block swap for April…

Camp Ruthie has arrived in your neighborhood!  This is a great camp that features all the luxuries of home in the great outdoors!  We have plenty of electrical outlets so you can host your quilting retreats in our cabins.  Each cabin is equipped with lots of food, firewood, games, and of course the necessary ironing board…  While here, you can enjoy flushing toilets, and screens to keep the mosquitoes out.  In addition, the windows are too small to admit any wayward bears!  Thanks for joining us on this little “mini” vacation at Camp Ruthie!

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  1. What Comes Next? Says:

    those are fabulous little blocks! I love your little ad, too.

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