Placemat Quilt Swap

After completing DQS8 (Doll Quilt Swap #8) I decided to sign up for PQS…  (Placemat Quilt Swap)  I am paired with VickiVictoria.  I have to have my placemat completed and mailed by may 3rd!  Can I do it?  Yes, I can!  (Imagine Bob the Builder…)  Vicki’s kids are making placemats for themselves, one in greens, and one in blues, so I decided to make Vicki’s in colors that would go with both.  I picked up these lovely bright colors at my local quilt shop.  Vicki also has a lot of square quilts pictured as favorites, so that is where the design inspiration will come from!  I will probably add some of my own fabrics to tie in with these colors…  More coming soon!

My partner for the PQS3 swap, Vickivictoria, recieved her placemat, so here’s the finished project:

I made it initially with the squares, but the busy prints just melted into each other…  I decided it needed another little something, so I added the bird.  I think this finished it off nicely!!!

I did traditional applique with the bird body, and freezer paper method with the saddle…  The embroidery was done using backstitch, chain stitch, and x’s.  The legs were made using a stem stitch.  I have a great tool that I used to make the prairie point border…   Easy peasey!!!  It’s at least as quick as making regular binding, if not a little faster!

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