Sewing Withdrawal…

 On Sunday, my sister, mom, brother, and niece and nephews are coming for an Easter Egg hunt.  I am feeling the pressure to clean my messy space, so they don’t go running in fear when they get here…  LOL!  So for the next few days, I’m on house cleaning over-drive.  Darn.  I’d so much rather be quilting and creating!  I do have some small handwork I can take breaks and work on…

I belong to a group called the BBC, or Bitty Block Committee.  We make and swap 3 1/2 inch blocks every months.  We usually have 2 themes each month to pick from or do both.  We can sign up for 12 of whichever theme we want, but generally not more than a total of 24 in a month.  Sometimes, we need extra people to sign up for more than 24 if we have spots to fill.  luckily, this month was one of those!!!

The themes for the BBC (Bitty Block Committee) in April are Black, White, with a “little bit of color”.  My color is pink!  (My favorite!)  The other theme is bird houses.  I’m signed up for 12 of the black and white, and 24 or the birdhouses.  I have the black and whites mostly done, and a set of 12 birdhouses that just need a wee bit of embroidery to finish them.  I still need to come up with 12 more birdhouses!  (No problem there, as I love doing houses!  LOL!)  Anyhoo, I’ll be posting pictures of the finished projects as soon as partners are posted!

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3 Responses to “Sewing Withdrawal…”

  1. The Modern Home Economist Says:

    Its funny but so much of the time I would rather being doing things other than cleaning. But for some reason I just don’t enjoy it as much unless the home is tidy. When everything is neat and clean my quilting and knitting pleasures only increase. Weird I know. I am sure you will love your tidy house once you are done 🙂

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      I love it when it’s clean, unfortunately it just doesn’t stay that way! LOL! If I had a magic wand…

      • The Modern Home Economist Says:

        Totally agree. Usually I spend my Saturday morning cleaning and not until 1pm do I start to enjoy the weekend. I have decided to give myself a break this weekend. The cleaning will be there waiting in a week anyway 🙂 Enjoy the visit with your family

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