Round 1 of Round Robin in Roy…

Round 1 of round robin in Roy... by ruthiequilts
Round 1 of round robin in Roy…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

Really radical right?!

One of the gals in my guild provided the fabrics and the center motif… (The motif already had the straight borders printed around it! I had a hard time getting it squared up! I added the bee in the corner so it could try to get to that big old sunflower! I’ll pass this on to the next person at quilt guild next month!

The borders are paper pieced (my own pattern) and the bee in the corner is a Piece by Number freebie!!! Gotta love them!  (Some of you may recognize the bee from the project pile I have in progress for quilt guild gifts.  I figured I could part with 1 of them and repurpose it for the cornerpost!!!

I didn’t take a picture of my center block, but I’ll try to remember it at guild meeting next month! It’s a house with a couple of funky applique trees/plants?! Sad that I don’t know which! LOL!  I actually made a pattern based on some cute house fabric that I included for the gals to use on my borders!  Whew!  1 project down, 837 to go!

 I am dying to get started on the Free Motion Quilt Project Quilt-a-long!  I started drawing out the patterns, so that I can start practicing them on fabric…  I though maybe I could throw some orphan blocks together and quilt them for charity quilts.  Of course I’ll do my best work!  I just need to practice, practice, practice!  I ordered one of the teflon doolies that Leah Day suggests to make quilts move easier!  I have one that I was given as a gift in a swap that is for doing fusible applique to keep the glue from sticking where it doesn’t belong.  When you’re done with your project, you give the Teflon sheet a little rub and voila…!  The gooey comes right off!

The Teflon that Leah uses has a gummy surface that helps it adhere to your sewing table.  It has a hole where you stitch, and helps make the surface “slickery”!  (I take full credit if that’s not really a word.  It is, in the Ruthie Dictionary!  If you don’t believe me, look it up at your local library!  LOL!)  I can believe that it would make a great slickery surface as I have had my fusible slide all over the place as I’m trying to iron them!  Yes, I do believe it will help out loads!

I have to admit to “imbibing” while machine quilting…  It stresses me out something fierce!  I take a lot of pride in my paper piecing, and if I ruin a project when it’s down to the quilting stage, it would be devastating!  One of the older ladies in my guild says, “It was a 2 beer quilt”…  A lady after my own heart!!!

Anyhoo, I need to get busy on my next project… The next step in my mystery quilt for Roy Guild!

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