Another UFO stack of blocks put together…

Another UFO stack of blocks put together... by ruthiequilts
Another UFO stack of blocks put together…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

These are some of the first set of swap blocks that I received back when I was on the Dear Jane list on Yahoo. Mine is the gold sun 3rd row, 3rd block. The rest came from swappers around the world and US. I am still a swap-a-holic. Don’t send help!

The blocks in this quilt were from a quilt made back in the 1800’s by Jane Steckle.  Brenda Papadakis wrote a book featuring Jane’s patterns and titled it “Dear Jane”.  Brenda wrote letters as if they were addressed from modern day to Jane Steckle.  The quilt is a masterpiece, and the ladies who swapped blocks with me were involved in making the quilt.  I finished mine around the time I made my blocks for this swap.  I have 1 other set of blocks done in the Jane Steckle blocks which feature fall fabrics.  We also did a heart swap, but they’re not from the original patterns.

In Layton, we signed up for 12 UFO finishes for the year. Each month they draw a number and which ever one they choose, we have to finish or pay a fat quarter.

I love my fat quarters! LOL! This is the finish for next month. I was going to quilt it today, but I am out of batting that big! (Surprise!)  I have the heart and fall blocks listed as UFO’s to finish this year!


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