Wizard of Oz block…

Wizard of Oz block... by ruthiequilts
Wizard of Oz block…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

Back a year or so ago in the Traveling Threads group, I sent out Wizard of Oz fabric for my online bee! I had 19 of these blocks sitting in my UFO pile. Well, this month, I drew my Oz quilt as my UFO that I have to finish for the Layton Quilt guild! I needed 1 more block, so this balloon is #20! Now I’ve got to decide on how I want to do my sashing! Some yellow brick road fabric perhaps!

Poukie wanted his fashion shot today! Milo can’t have all the fun…

The Wizard of Oz is one of my all-time favorite movies!  I love the line of fabric that I used for this bee.  It’s from “Quilting Treasures”.  They have an abundance of these fabrics!

Who is your favorite Wizard of Oz character, and your favorite scene?  Are you a book, or a movie fan?  My favorite is by far, the Wicked Witch of the West!  (I sense a kindred spirit in her!  LOL!  Ask my family, they’ll tell you!)  My favorite scene is in the witch’s castle, “I’m melting, melting…  Who’d have thought that a good little girl like you could ruin my evil wickedness?  What a world…  What a world…”  Btw, I do a “wicked” impersonation of her!!!


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6 Responses to “Wizard of Oz block…”

  1. candy Says:

    I find it funny that so many of us grew up terrified of the flying monkeys. I always thought they were cool! So I vote for the flying monkeys…even though, like you, I feel a sistership with the WW of the W.

  2. lucky4the1 Says:

    Dear Ruthiequilts, I really like and admire your work. I have recently just started venturing into paper piecing and I stumbled across your gravatar. Caught what you said about paper piecing the world.I also do mailart which I have yet to feature on my wordpress but it is kinda the same thing.

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      I’d love to see your mailart! Do post it on your wordpress so I can see, if you don’t mind! Thanks for visiting!!!

      • lucky4the1 Says:

        Funny you should mention that, I actually have it lined up for my next post. So no, I don’t mind at all. And thanks for asking. Love your mini by the way. I have one in the works.

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