Well worth the wait!

Well worth the wait! by ruthiequilts
Well worth the wait!, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

Ashley Bocutti in the Fab Little Pincushion Swap on flickr made someone in the group this fabulous little hedgie! Sadly, it never arrived to the recipient, me… 😦 It was lost in the vast underground of the US Post Office.

Ashley was so sweet to remake the little lost hedgie for me! Isn’t she adorable??? I love hedgies, and pink and green are my favorite colors! I think I’ll name her, “Hannah”! I will love her, and squeeze her (until pin applied) and kiss her, and … Thanks Ashley!!!


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8 Responses to “Well worth the wait!”

  1. Cindy Sharp Says:


  2. TextileRanger Says:

    So cute!

  3. treadlemusic Says:

    So glad you got the replacement! The USPS is a scary thing but there aren’t many alternatives out there! Hannah is a treasure;-D

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