Fabric Shopping!

I went on a road trip today with some quilty friends…  I found these fun fabrics at a couple of stores we went into, “Elaines Quilts”, and “Quilt, quilts, quilts!”  Sometimes it’s fun to hit up the stores by Salt Lake City!  I saw a slew of fabrics that I haven’t seen in the stores up here…

    I can never have enough brick fabric, so this fat quarter was a “must”!  I also love a scalloped roof…  I thought these 2 fat quarters would be perfect for gingerbread houses!

Why do I always buy Halloween fabric?!  I can’t seem to help myself…  I already have Halloween quilts for most of the rooms of my house, but I can’t stop!  I’ve loved the hearse fabric since I saw it last year on-line.  I had to buy it!  And in the BBC next month, we’re doing a “Halloween Re-visited”.  That means it was so popular that we’re doing it again!  The rules of the swap don’t allow us to do simple square in a square using a fussy cut fabric, but this lets me get lots of ideas!!!  Maybe a paper- pieced bat is in order…  Or some kind of haunted house with my ghoulfriends in the windows?  I’ll have to ponder that as I pet my new fabric!

Between shops, we ate at a yummy Chinese Buffet that was delicious!  I love taking a     break from all the mundane things at home!   Is that wrong?!  LOL!


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3 Responses to “Fabric Shopping!”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Taking a break….wrong??!?? Not the kind you managed to plan!! And such wonderful additions to your stash! Way to go!!!!!!!

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