My blackberry bushes…

Yes, this is the notorious bindweed... by ruthiequilts
Yes, this is the notorious bindweed…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

I made blocks for the BBC theme, “My Garden”… Here’s the evidence of the weed that I have growing quite well everywhere in my yard! Darn bindweed! (Also known as “Morning glory”.) It loves my blackberry bushes, along with everything else!

These are the blackberries that I picked today!  It is fairly early in the season to have this many blackberries, but they are doing beautifully since my hubbie put a drip hose underneath the base of the bushes.  (I didn’t water them last year, and all the blackberries dried and withered on the bush.)  Now I don’t have to remember to water them.

I am going to start work on wiping out the bindweed this fall!  One of the gals I know said to use a milk jug on it side with straight weed killer in it.  Then make a hole and “string” the bindweed in through the side, so it can take a nice big drink!  Fall is supposed to be the best time to do it!  Wish me luck!


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9 Responses to “My blackberry bushes…”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Didn’t get any raspberries this year as the drought set in at the wrong time. Next year the plants will be stronger and, now, a drip hose is in place…..oh well…….

  2. silvana Says:

    Ruthie, could you post a picture from the tree or plant where these beauties (and yummies) fruits grown up? Here we have some fruits that seems like yours but here the tree where they grow up is a huge tree!

  3. lucky4the1 Says:

    Oh Girl! I am so jealous…my husband and I used to live in Medford Oregon. I would take the kids out in the summer for all day picking then bring them home and my husband would can all the jam which usually lasted us until the next season. Blackberry is my favorite!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      I love blackberries too! We had a great big bush by my old office, but they had thorns that were so fierce, I’d have to wear leather gloves to pick them. Mine are thorn free, but have very “woody” seeds…

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