Tutorial for adding 3-D elements!

Rat Zombie in 9 inch size... by ruthiequilts
Rat Zombie in 9 inch size…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

I’m playing with a tutorial on how to made the 3-D ears on my sweet little rat zombie!

You must all bear with me, I’m still figuring this blogging stuff out!  LOL!

Initially, I decided I wanted my rat zombie to have a curved 3-D ear.  I made the 3-D pattern slightly bigger than the pieced ear portion.  Then I stitch 2 of the pattern pieces cut from fabric with the right sides together.  When this was completed, I snipped the curves using pinking shears.  (If you don’t have pinking shears, you can clip the curves using a “v” shaped cut.)

The next step was to turn my ears right side out.  I used a pair of forceps (clip doothingies that are similar to pliers but lock into place) to push out my curves.  Then I ironed the ear flat.  My iron and I have a love-hate relationship…  I love to reach around it when it’s hot, and hate burning myself!

Next, I folded the ear piece in thirds at the base.  I basted the piece in place so it would retain the 3-D fold…

The next step involved taking the pieced 2nd ear and basting the prepared 3-D ear on top of it as pictured.  Again, I basted it in place!

Then I stitched the paper pieced sections together as I normally would.

And last, but not least, I opened it so that the ear would fold in the direction that I wanted it.  Then I pressed it with my iron avoiding the ear section as necessary to maintain the curvature of the ear.  And “voila”!  The 3-D ear is finished!  Thanks for joining me on this ear making journey!!!

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6 Responses to “Tutorial for adding 3-D elements!”

  1. TextileRanger Says:

    You put such care into all the details! I love this zombie rat!

  2. Cindy Sharp Says:


  3. Queenie Says:

    Wonderful tutorial. I love your rat zombies!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

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