Squirrel or Chipmunk?

I hate to admit to not knowing what sweet little critter this is, but…  Is this a squirrel or a chipmunk?

p.s. This was my original pattern, but he was a pain in the squirrel/chipmunk neck.  Since he’s only a 3 inch finished block, I decided to simplify him!


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14 Responses to “Squirrel or Chipmunk?”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Definitely a squirrel! A chipmunk has the characteristic stripe(s) on its back (I attended the U of M so I really should know!!!! LOL!!!).

  2. candy Says:

    Looks like a squirrel to me. But since it’s your block, he can be whatever you want him to be!! Whatever you call him, he’s cute as heck!

  3. carla bynum Says:

    Hi!!!! I see them everyday!!!!! Squirrel!!!!! He is cute!!! Nutty is a cute name for him or her!!!!

  4. Sandy in Buenos Aires Says:

    He’s just sooo CUTE !!! We don’t have either of them here in Buenos Aires but I’ve seen them in NYC and it looks a squirrel to me. Either way I LOVE Nutty to pieces !!!

  5. soma1773 Says:

    How did you ever fit him in a 3″ block?? He is adorable!

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