To crop or not to crop…

To crop or not to crop... by ruthiequilts
To crop or not to crop…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

Here’s the finished pincushion… I’d normally crop a lot of the background out, but I had the criminal in the picture. The next picture is a blurry mess as Milo tries to eat the cake pin… LOL! Naughty Milo!

My stump is starting to get a lot of loose threads on it… It’s starting to look like my clothes.


13 Responses to “To crop or not to crop…”

  1. Cindy Sharp Says:

    Our new kitten likes to steel pins too.

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    Oh my goodness……that is so stinkin’ cute!!!!!! Love it!!!!

  3. 6kittensquilt Says:

    since Milo was so patient and only had his paw in the picture and not his whole self, he should be rewarded with a pin cushion of his own,maybe with some catnip and lavender instead of pins. LOL

  4. gonerustic Says:

    I love the paw just creeping into the picture – please don’t crop it! The pincushion is lovely … =D

  5. The Quilt Rat Says:

    Great pin cushion!….love the one in your earlier post too 🙂

  6. soma1773 Says:

    LOL!!! Milo sounds just like my Taffy who is also a huge orange tabby with white paws. I am glad you didn’t crop it!
    The cake pin does look good enough to eat, can’t blame Milo 🙂
    Love the finished pincushion btw!

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