The mountain troll…

What do you think?! by ruthiequilts
What do you think?!, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

For the BBC (Bitty Block Committee) this month, one of our themes was fantasy… I saw this awesome image under “free troll clip art”… I really wanted to do it in fabric, but I wasn’t as happy with it. I added some gold thread painting to seperate the body parts, and embroidered the eyes and nose. It isn’t quite what I wanted, but the group seems to like it okay, so I’ll commit! (Or get committed, as the case may be! LOL!)


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4 Responses to “The mountain troll…”

  1. FlossieBlossoms Says:

    I love it, your troll kicks my troll’s butt! You did a great job on him, Ruthie!

  2. soma1773 Says:

    I love this troll! All the details you added…he is just perfect!

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