Castle block for Flossieblossoms…

Castle block for Flossieblossoms... by ruthiequilts
Castle block for Flossieblossoms…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

In the Bitty Block Bee we are making 2 blocks a month for each persons theme… Flossieblossoms picked “Castles” and the “Princess Bride”. I chose to make a castle that is in the background of the Princess Bride poster… My grey fabrics were a little fray-y at the cut edges! I hope they behave themselves!!! Sooz’ block had to have mountains in the background though… Ode to Wesley and Buttercup! Wuv… Twoo wuv…


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9 Responses to “Castle block for Flossieblossoms…”

  1. mtetar Says:

    What a beautiful block. Mtetar

  2. Susan Mautte Says:

    Oh, I’m such a lucky dawg, thanks, Ruthie, this an amazing block! I love it, the perspective is so wonderful and different, LOVE it! You are just the most talented person ever!

  3. soma1773 Says:

    ooooooo…You know how much I love castles and I LOVE it!! Great job, Ruth!!

  4. candy Says:

    So cute!!! I love The Princess Bride!

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