The sun is finally shining through my dark clouds!

The sun is finally shining through my dark clouds! by bouncypoodle
The sun is finally shining through my dark clouds!, a photo by bouncypoodle on Flickr.

I am posting this as our friend received part 1 of her Epiphany Quilt! You may remember that I put 36 quilt blocks together into a top. I debated how I was going to join them, as I had 40 blocks total… My friend Denise thought these would be lovely together, which would leave the 6 x 6 blocks for the top!

Bouncypoodle lost her husband after 6 months of health problems. We all wanted to be there for her, but distance prevented it. The next best thing was to give her a “quilty hug” which we could all participate in! This is part 1 of that endeavor! This is Bouncypoodles picture and desciption…

Via Flickr:
To my dear flicker quilting family,

A great big hug back to all of you for putting together this wonderful Epiphany quilt for me. I’m so lost for words and really having a tough time trying to type through my tears of joy. I have gone through so much these last few weeks and it is such a wonderful change to cry for joy instead of sadness…

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

It’s amazing, how we will probably never meet each other. And for all of you to gather, design and create something like this for an online quilting friend you’ll probably never meet is just so special…

Thank you Ruthie…for putting the call out and gathering all the quilters. You are a dear friend and you have one of the biggest hearts here in the on line quilting community…Thank you “Mama” and my dear friend!

The four blocks on this quilt is just perfect…thank you Karen, Lucinda, and my two “nutty sisters” Staci and Leslie. (My BOM group, “Sew Blue Bees”)

Each block is unique and special. You all did a beautiful job. I just love the pieced home, sunflowers the hearts, and sweet birdie. When I look at this quilt all I can think of is “home”. Thank you!

The special fabrics, batting, the quilting, the beautiful prairie points, the darling label and everyone else who touched this quilt or help designed it…thank you all.

Unbenounced to most of you, you have all kept me going these last tough 6 months through all your laughter, your non stop creativity, your silly bantering back and forth (you know who you are!) and the ability to continue to keep this strong quilting online community going. Thank you all for being there, you all amaze me and I’m so proud to call every one of you my friends!

Hugs…. Pattiann (or most of you know me as Poo!)

Ok I got to stop crying…lol!

PS..thank you for all the cards….they did cheer me , everyone one of them!

8 Responses to “The sun is finally shining through my dark clouds!”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Awesome “share”!!! Sorrow shared=sorrow halved. Joy shared=joy multiplied!!!! We truly are a “sisterhood” (with a few brothers thrown in for good measure!!!!).

  2. mtetar Says:

    Now this really is what friends are for. My special thanks to you all for putting a smile a friend’s face at the appropriate time. My deepest Sympathy to you Poo. Be Well, and Blessed,

  3. Staci Says:

    It’s so great to see you, Pattiann!

  4. soma1773 Says:

    So special!! Hugs!!

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