Today and tomorrow are the big days! National Quilt Day Celebration!!!

Well, here it is at last!  The past presidents of our area quilt guilds are hosting a big quilt show and quilting eveny for National Quilt Day!  As last years’ president for the Roy Quilt Guild, I am on the committee!  What a thrill to be part of this!

Of course, there’s always a certain amount of trepidation involved in such a big undertaking (especially since I’m more of a “follower” than a “leader”), but the van is loaded with quilts, Make and Take stuff, “might need it just in case” stuff, poster for the demonstration table, and paperwork I forgot to bring to guild yesterday!  I wonder if I have it all???  I’ll cross my fingers!

Respite arranged for my older boy, babysitter for the younger one.  (Gotta remember to pick him up at school!  LOL!) 

Now, to take a deep breath, slow down, and ENJOY it!  Hugs to all my online friends!  Wish you could all come!  I’ll be blogging about it on Sunday!  Thanks for visiting!


6 Responses to “Today and tomorrow are the big days! National Quilt Day Celebration!!!”

  1. silvana Says:

    Wow!!! Have a great weekend!!! I wish I could be with you, too!!!

  2. mtetar Says:

    I look forward to some pics. Enjoy, and Be Blessed, Mtetar

  3. soma1773 Says:

    Good luck dear friend! You are too humble and you underestimate your leadership capabilities. You will be just fine! Enjoy.

    By the way, expecting to see photos though! LOL!!

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