National Quilt Day Event 3/16/13!!!

National Quilt Day Event 3/16/13!!! by ruthiequilts
National Quilt Day Event 3/16/13!!!, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.


And here it is as promised!

Friday 3/15/13 and Saturday 3/16/13 we held an event to celebrate quilting! It was a smashing success!

This is the table for Roy Quilt Guild!  Midje, Vivian and Pat!  100_5222

We had over 100 quilts, a Make and Take activity, and all of the local guilds had fund raising tables to raise money for their groups! We also had trunk shows and demonstrations! What a wonderful day!

Pictured here are Patsy and Leslie for the Layton Quilt Guild!  Waiting on some customers!


I spent most of the 2 day event in the Make and Take room teaching visitors how to make bottlecap pincushions! They came out so cute! And we have a few bottlecaps left over. I’d guess we did about 100 of them, so we have a mere 900’ish left! LOL!  Poor Denise had teach alone while I ran around taking pictures!  There’s Loretta and Denise!100_5227

And now, enjoy the quilt show!  Hopefully I got most everyone’s information!  (I’m only showing a few of the quilts, as the lighting didn’t let me take great pictures.  I’m sure it was that, and not my poor photography skills…  LOL!)

100_5231“Goat Stack” by Kaye Evans

100_5235“Snakes” by Cynthia Dinsdale  (The heads on the snakes are 3-D with little pockets she hides treats for her grand kids in!

100_5234Of course I had to include 3 of mine and 1 of Lorri Basheins!  Mine is the barn, the spring one, and the vintage toy sewing machine.  Lorri’s is the Pioneer scene in the middle of mine!  The picture isn’t great, but the pieced border has numerous 1/4 inch HST’s1  Be still my

“Climb the Mountains and Get Their Good Tidings “100_5244  by Valeris Westenskow

100_5243“Crazy Easter Thang Quilt” by Cindy Hutchinson.  (This is our area-rep who co-sponsored the Quilting Event!)

“Cherry Tweet” by Cory Blunt100_5245

100_5249“Cottage Grove” by Bev DeMaria

                                                                                          100_5256I couldn’t read the label on this one, but I believe it’s by Patsy Shelton!  She’s one of my friends!  I’ll have to bug her for the title!  LOL!  Thanks for joining me!!!   I hope you enjoyed the Quilt Show!  Keep on Stitchin’!



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8 Responses to “National Quilt Day Event 3/16/13!!!”

  1. mtetar Says:

    Great presentation, make and take activity, for a good purpose, and cause. Hope you will share some pics of the make and take. Thanks in advance. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. mtetar Says:

    Soooooo thankful for your kindness of adding these beautiful pics to your post. They are all beautifully made, and I really like the Easter Quilt very colorful. Many thanks for showing example of the make and take. I’ll sample that idea. Mtetar

  3. soma1773 Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Ruth! These are some brilliant pieces of work!

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