I thought this blog post was so amazing that I wanted to share it! Have a nice cuppa, and give a thought to what your work is worth!

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This morning I caught a post on a quilting Facebook feed… a member posted a picture of a delightful baby quilt and asked what she should charge the neighbor that just asked to buy it from her. She mentioned that the quilt was made from a panel with pieced borders, and that the quilting was done in threads to match the fabric colors (oh, the thread changes!). She mentioned she was thinking $85. A fellow poster thought $100 was better. Another said it depends on the closeness of the friendship.

First of all… I’m not naming names here because I don’t want this person to feel pilloried – far from it, I absolutely appreciate her question and have one heck of an opinion about how it should be answered… a rather, ahem, shall we say passionate opinion – you are warned! Her question, which I hear dozens of times a…

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  1. soma1773 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I don’t think I can part with any quilt I make. However, I have often wondered about pricing of my patterns. This was a wonderful read. Thank you!!

  2. Lisa Myers Says:

    i totally agree.. although i don’t spend alot of money of my fabrics because i reuse alot of denim in my quilts… there is still alot of time put into a quilt… along with the thought process… then lastly the wear and tear on my fingers… i have only sold one quilt and i got $300.00 for it about 10 years ago… now i just make them for my grown kids and my grandbabies… such joy seeing them laying about the house with my quilts everywhere…. rather than them being in a ceder chest because they are too pretty to use… DON’T GO THERE

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