Da dum. Da dum. Da dum da dum da dum. Da da da dum!

Da dum.  Da dum.  Da dum da dum da dum. Da da da dum! by ruthiequilts
Da dum. Da dum. Da dum da dum da dum. Da da da dum!, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

Here’s my block for the BBC (Bitty Block Committee) Underwater/Beach theme… Looking for lunch… 🙂 This block measures 3 inches finished. (Which I probably will never get around to doing anything with!) Thanks for visiting!!!


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16 Responses to “Da dum. Da dum. Da dum da dum da dum. Da da da dum!”

  1. FlossieBlossoms Says:

    Oh, my gosh, he’s so scary and fabulous, Ruthie! I just LOVE (to hate) him! Sharks are my biggest phobia, and I watch shark week every year on Discovery!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Hahaha… I like them in pictures, but don’t like thinking about them when I swim in the ocean… That’s not much of a problem here in Utah though. LOL!

  2. nanaquilts Says:

    That IS bitty! Cute too. Use it in an art quilt, like the lady pondering her design wall.

  3. mtetar Says:

    Very Nice! Soooooo creative. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  4. carla bynum Says:

    Hi!!! This is just adorable!!!! It is tiny!!!! Maybe on a beach bag!!!!

  5. Quilt Rat Says:

    Great block!!!! Fits the theme perfectly.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my latest post

  6. thecraftypioneer Says:

    I can’t believe how small it is but soooo cool!

  7. Rochefabrique Says:

    This is a amazing and so original. I really like it.

  8. soma1773 Says:

    I am so afraid of sharks, I won’t go in the ocean water even though I live in a city with the ocean. Pool is much safer! LOL!!

    This little guy isn’t scary at all though! I love him 🙂


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