HMQS~ Home Machine Quilt Show…

What a fabulous day I had today!  I wish you all could have joined me!  I had the opportunity to attend the HMQS Home Machine Quilting Show held in Sandy, Utah.  I went with my besties from my Tuesday Sewing group, and the little baby that I babysit.  She was perfect in every way!!!  I’ve taken some pictures for your viewing pleasure…  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

There are so many quilts that I didn’t get to see due to new shoes, sore feet, and aching parts.  And then there are some gorgeous vintage quilts that goofy me didn’t get the information for, so I left those out.  And we won’t talk about the ones that weren’t in focus…  I’m sure it was my camera.

Sit back and enjoy!100_5420






“Wilson Theatre” Pieced by Mt. Harrison Quilt Guild, Quilted by Cynthia Fuelling


100_5423“Stained Glass Garden”

Pieced and Quilted by Julie Mudersbach










“Snow Days” Pieced by Rae Meuelman, Quilted by Cynthia Fuelling





100_5431Close-up on “Grandmothers Little Medallions” Quilted and Pieced by Shirley Kraus









“Little Bit of Baltimore” Pieced and Quilted by Shirley Kraus


















“Snake River Log Cabin” Pieced by Katie Armstrong, Quilted by Kay Dawn Anderson












“Garden Party” Pieced and Quilted by Julie Mudersbauch



100_5455Close-up on “Corazon De Mariposa”

Designed, Pieced, and Quilted by Mindy Powell
















“Sea Glass” Pieced and Quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn





Close-up of “Vintage Roses” border, Pieced by Barbara Polston, Quilted by Terri Doyle



“Vintage Roses”  Pieced by Barbara Polston, Quilted by Terri Doyle












“Antique Floral Keyline #2” Pieced and Quilted by Deborah Louie


100_5467Close-up on “Venus DiVine” Pieced and Quilted by Betty New



As you can see, it was an amazing show!!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Keep stitchin’!


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7 Responses to “HMQS~ Home Machine Quilt Show…”

  1. mtetar Says:

    The work of people, and their passion. They’re all well done. The Vintage Roses will make a nice Mother’s Day Gift. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. Michele Says:

    Wow! Just wow. Thanks for sharing.

  3. treadlemusic Says:

    As I scrolled down I thought….”This is my fave”, then the next one…”No, this one is even better!”…and I continued. They are awesome….Thank You!!!! Truly a “5 Star” show….hugs, D

  4. soma1773 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this Ruth! Such inspiration!


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