What a sad, sad, day… Tuesday craziness!


100_5516Well, Leslie finally quilted until she wilted…  She collapsed in fatigue on the table.  (Because the floor is too icky!)  Patsy rushed in to save her.  The rest of us just laughed.  Poor, poor Leslie…  Another fun (If somewhat crazy) Tuesday at the Senior Center.  You guys can see why I don’t want to come home!  LOL!100_5520

Pictured in order:  Lindy, Susie, Leslie (the body), Patsy, and Rita.  Behind the camera, Ruthie.  Thanks for visiting!!!


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4 Responses to “What a sad, sad, day… Tuesday craziness!”

  1. Patsy Shelton Says:

    Ruth! Ruth! Ruth! What can I say… you take a sad moment and you laugh! Yes You never know what will happen in our Tuesday group! You never know when it’s your turn! Your turn for WHAT… now that’s another question!!

  2. soma1773 Says:

    Oh my! I got so afraid when I saw the title of the post! I am so glad she has you guys to look after her there. Hmm..is that a good thing or a bad thing?! LOL!!

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