Impromtu Photo Shoot!

Today I was babysitting the little girl that I tend 4 days a week.  She had on the sweetest little white outfit that went with the baby quilt that I made her, so we had an impromptu photo shoot…100_5648While taking photos, Milo had to get in on the fun.  (I really think he likes his picture taken!  LOL!)

100_5676He is a fabulous fur model…  Needless to say, baby was enthralled with kitty!


100_5672“I bet I can get in some trouble if I try…”


“Kitty needs his tail pulled…”

“Owwweee!  Kitty grabbed my head!”

100_5685Yup…  She survived!  I jumped in quick enough that he didn’t dig the claws in…  Isn’t she a cutie?!  It lets her get away with being naughty!

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5 Responses to “Impromtu Photo Shoot!”

  1. mtetar Says:

    Sooooooo adorable, and photogenic! Thank you for sharing, and her quilt is of course beautiful. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. soma1773 Says:

    A very adorable baby and a very handsome Milo! I didn’t want Milo to get jealous 🙂

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