What the?!!!

IMG_0992I have been saving these pistachio shells for a little project….  I’m sure you’re wondering what in the world I’m thinking of?  In the Roy Quilt Guild we are having a challenge for our next meeting.  Recycled quilts!

IMG_0993I used these handy tools and drilled holes into all of them.  If you can imagine, I only lost 2 to splitting!  Amazing really…IMG_0994

Here they are all clean and ready to go!


Painting them pink…IMG_0998And applying some varnish!

More to come later!!!  Thanks for stopping by!  (I have to go scrape the pink paint and varnish off my fingers…)


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2 Responses to “What the?!!!”

  1. cloudcoucou Says:

    They look very cute..like little mice!

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