The Big Reveal!

So back awhile ago, I showed you all some pistachio shells into which I had drilled holes…  Here’s the link to that page:

Here’s the canvas…???????????????????????????????

Now it’s time for the big reveal!

???????????????????????????????The Roy Quilt Guild had a Recycled Quilt Challenge.  This is the project that I came up with.  The branch is recycled wool and the blossoms are of course pistachio shells!  I won the “Viewers Choice” and got crowned the “Recycle Queen”  Thank you all in the Roy Guild for your votes!!!

And thanks to you my peeps for stopping by!!!  XOXO


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15 Responses to “The Big Reveal!”

  1. mandymunroe Says:

    Well done, that’s a great quilt.

  2. bertcollections Says:

    Oh hail to the queen!

  3. followingjesus33 Says:

    Wow Ruthie, that is an beautiful work of ART! Love it…so original and cheerful! ♥♥♥

  4. Darlington Delights Says:

    Amazing! Very creative and resourceful of you….not to mention the perfect addition to your quilted piece!

  5. Deonn Says:

    heehee, what a terrific idea, Ruthie!! You certainly earned the crown!!

  6. soma1773 Says:

    That is stunning, Ruth!! Congratulations! You so deserve it!! Wow!!


  7. Michele Says:

    Very cool!

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