At the Utah State Fair…

???????????????????????????????Here is my entry for the 2013 Utah State Fair!   As you can see, I got a first place ribbon!  Woot!  Woot!

I entered it on the last day possible…  I was sewing on a hanging sleeve just in case they wanted to hang it up.  Poked my finger, and bled on my w.h.i.t.e. quilt!  Yikes!  I tried spit (gross), bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and a couple of other methods for removing stains.  I wasn’t able to get it completely out, but I ran out of time.  When I get it back, I’m going to try a couple more things before I enter it in the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Festival coming up in October…  The competition is waaaaay fierce for that one!  The quilt police have their tape measures and magnifying glasses out…  What am I thinking?!  LOL!

Thanks for visiting and being my co-enablers!!!


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18 Responses to “At the Utah State Fair…”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Huge CONGRATS to you!!!! I am so glad that others recognize what I/we already know!!! “Spit” didn’t work to remove the blood???? I have had luck with plain cold water, too. Happy weekend and blessings…….

  2. nanaquilts Says:

    Ruthie, how wonderful! What a cutie quilt!!!

    Is this one all by you, or one of those wonky swaps we did?

    Pat from Florida and Michigan

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Hi Pat! This one was a swap that I did with my friend from Brazil, Silvana! We swapped wonky houses each month last year… I did make larger ones for the wonky house swap that you and I were in though… I used some of my same patterns that I designed, only larger! (Those blocks are still in a pile for me to make into a quilt later! LOL!)

  3. soma1773 Says:

    Congratulations, Ruth!! You always have a fun story to go with your quilt! LOL!!


  4. measuredandslowcrafts Says:

    It’s super cute! Congrats!

  5. LY Says:

    use some meat tenderizer on the blood stain

  6. Jane Says:

    Oh Ruth, I am so happy for you! Of course you won. It is amazing?

  7. Michele Says:

    Wow. Good for you!

  8. daniellajoe Says:

    Gorgeous work of art, I am hoping you win again 🙂

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