Hawaiian applique in red and aqua…

Hawaiian applique in red and aqua... by ruthiequilts
Hawaiian applique in red and aqua…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

This is my bitty block for the BBC red and aqua/applique blocks! There are 7 of us who signed up to make these, and this is the one I came up with!
I’ve decided that it is really hard to get perfection on these… I could have back based appliqued them, but that was a little too time consuming.  (Plus this is done using needle turn, traditional Hawaiian quilting.) Ah well… 3.5 inch block!
Thanks for visiting!


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5 Responses to “Hawaiian applique in red and aqua…”

  1. soma1773 Says:

    It’s beautiful, Ruth!! How did you ever come up with that idea?!


    • ruthiequilts Says:

      We did a Hawaiian swap several years ago in the MQTS swap… I decided to try it in mini form and did the traditional method shrunk waaaaay down! LOL! Thanks Soma!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Wow! 3.5 inches? That’s tiny! I’m impressed.

  3. thecraftypioneer Says:

    I have just nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! If you would like to accept, take a look here: http://thecraftypioneer.com/2013/10/06/super-sweet-blogging-award/ – no pressure, feel free to just take as a complement from one who enjoys visiting your site!

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