Cleaning my sewing room…

Some of my friends had the idea that we could clean each others sewing rooms.  “No way!”, I said, horrified at the very thought of anyone seeing my piles.   Self professed “Border Hoarder” here.  Meaning not quite a hoarder, but not too far off from it!  LOL!   Well, my friends talked me into it (still kicking and screaming).  The nice thing is that I’m not the only Messy Mertle!  Yay!  I saved mine for much later in the series of rooms to clean.  (I went 4th!)  It made me feel a lot better to know that I wasn’t the only one struggling to keep their creative clutter from overwhelming them!

It’s not perfect yet, but the ground work has been laid.  In other words, I can open the door.  LOL!  Here are the “after” pictures.  (The room would have been condemned if I had shown “before” pictures!)  IMG_1696IMG_1697I still have a lot of magazines and things that I have to go through, sort, trash, etc.  And a little fabric to do the same with!  It is so fun to see my space clean again!!!  Thanks to Denise, Brenda, Leslie, and Patsy!  And a special thanks to Savannah for helping me take care of the baby I babysit so that I could focus on cleaning!  Thanks for forking out the money for the tubs DH!   Great group project!!!

And here is a little quilt top that I made after our Prairie Womens Sewing Circle Thursday night at Village Dry Goods.IMG_1695


6 Responses to “Cleaning my sewing room…”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Great idea!

  2. followingjesus33 Says:

    Your room is so nice and pleasant~
    Love the little quilt…the colors~ hugs~

  3. Gator Woman Says:

    Great room!

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