Quilted Refrigerator Magnets!

Here’s a fun project that I decided to put together for you all!  As many of you know, I’m an avid online swapper.  My partner for the FLiRTS (Fab Little Random Treasures Swap) swap on flickr chose refrigerator magnets as one of  her choices…  I drafted up the pattern for these fun little blocks to be made into magnets…  And voila!  Here they are!IMG_1510I decided to make up a tutorial along with a couple of the patterns if anyone would like to join me!  I am providing the house and the tree block patterns free!  Here’s the link for the house: https://ruthiequilts.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/house-magnet-pattern-001.jpg and here is the link for the tree:  https://ruthiequilts.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=1681 They are both simple paper pieced patterns that can be done in one piece, rather than having units to be joined.

Supply list:

Paper pieced pattern, fabric scraps, scissors, sewing machine, BSK (Basic Sewing Kit), iron, magnets (I use magnet tape since I wanted to make multiples), glue or glue gun (If you don’t want to insert your magnets into the inside of the quilted piece), scraps of TemTec/PelTec (Available at your local hobby retailer-  Doesn’t matter whether it is fusible or not.)


Step 1:  Paper piece house or tree pattern as numbers.  (If you’ve never paper pieced there are wonderful tutorials on the internet.  “Google” paper piecing tutorials!   Using 2 pieces of coordinating fabric, stitch a basting line along long side of pieces.  (When this is ironed open, it will cover the back of your magnet.)

Step 2???????????????????????????????:  Iron back open, seams to 1 side as shown.

???????????????????????????????Step 3:  (Optional)  Tack down decorative thread/ rick rack/etc to 4 sides of paper pieced section staying within the outside 1/8-1/4 inch side so your tacking thread doesn’t show when it’s stitched up.

???????????????????????????????Step 4:  Place paper pieced with optional embellishments upside down on right side of backing.  (Right sides together)  Center piece on basted background seam.  (This is where you’ll insert your TemTec/PelTec.)

IMG_1483Step 5:  Stitch along all 4 sides of your paper pieced section, pivoting the piece 1/4 inch away from adjacent corners leaving your needle down.  (This is what they taught you to do in Home Ec with your corners on pillows, etc.  Just in case I don’t make sense!  LOL!)

???????????????????????????????Step 6:  Trim off excess backing and clip your corners to prepare for turning.

???????????????????????????????Step 7:  Snip basting threads on the backing.  This is where you will turn your magnet right side out!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Step 8:  Turn piece right side out, carefully pushing out corners from the inside with scissors.

IMG_1492Step 9:  If you used eyelash yarn, I like to trim mine so it’s not out of control!

???????????????????????????????Step 10:  Insert thin batt and TemTec/Peltec both cut to 1 3/4 inch square into open space as shown.

???????????????????????????????Step 11:  Bend other sides of batt and TemTec/Peltec to work entire square into stitched piece.

???????????????????????????????Step 12:  Stitch closed.  You can insert a magnet here instead of gluing it to the outside if that is your preference!

???????????????????????????????Step 13:  Using a glue gun, or other type of glue, glue magnet to back of fabric piece.

???????????????????????????????Ta da!  All done!  Great for Christmas presents or your kids/grandkids artwork!!!


If you have any problems printing the patterns, right click on the pattern, “save as” house magnet (example) then print from saved files.

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4 Responses to “Quilted Refrigerator Magnets!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    How cute!

  2. soma1773 Says:

    Fantastic tute, Ruth!! The magnets are so very very adorable!!! Love them!!!


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