An Orphan No More…



When the Quilter started cutting us into strips, we had great hopes of becoming part of a quilt. As our piece mates were sewn together, one by one, we were set aside.  The excitement mounted as she got closer to us in the pile.   Alas, it was not to be…  We had been cut and stitched into something she called a “piano key” border, but there were too many of us.  We went into a bag with our fellow orphans. There we stayed for a long time…

We were afraid to become excited when our bag was pulled out again.  We had been in that place before, and had nothing to show but disappointment…  At the Charity Sew-In, we heard that quilts were needed for “Happy Chemo”.  (Something about keeping humans warm during difficult treatments.)

The quilter laid us out on the table, adding here, subtracting there, until we were in strips about the same length.  Then she started to stitch us together!  We began to hope that we would become a quilt…  When we were stitched into even rows, she pulled in some other fabrics which she called, “sashing”.  She stitched those strips together with our rows.  We were on our way to becoming a quilt!

After we were stitched into a “quilt top”, I was set aside for other projects.  I resigned myself to never being a completed quilt.

A few weeks later, she pulled me out again.  This time, she had a fabric relative called “flannel”, and something else called “batting”.  She clipped the flannel to the table and made it snug.  Then she laid the batting and I on top of the flannel.  It started to feel like I was going to live the life I was meant to live!  She pinned the 3 of us together and then removed the clips.  I was almost a quilt!

She took me home to the Bertina thing and began to stitch.  And stitch.  And stitch some more!  It tickled my three layers!  I giggled in joy!  A mad stitch-fest took place and after several hours, I was almost complete, (although I was rough around the edges)!

The Quilter had some folded, scrap, strip things she called binding.  She stitched them together until they reached all the way around my outside edge.  Then she stitched it on!  So close!

I got set aside again briefly, and then thrown in a bag and placed in the Quilters van.  I guess I’m going on a road trip!  While the Quilters Man drove, she stitched down the binding stitch by stitch, inch by inch…  Until at last, I became a quilt!  I enjoyed the scenery between Montana and Utah, and even got to get pulled out frequently for pictures.  IMG_1902

Now the true journey begins…  I will be given by the Quilter to another Quilter who will take me to my new home.  And then I’ll be able to do what I was always meant to, and give comfort to a human who needs my warmth and a fabric hug!  IMG_1907

I am an orphan no more…  Please support your homeless orphan bIMG_1925IMG_1932locks!IMG_1918


7 Responses to “An Orphan No More…”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Hehe! Love your ‘story’!!! Very creative……writing AND stitching!!!! Hugs……

  2. froma sommers Says:


  3. mandymunroe Says:

    Great pics, you made a lovely quilt too!

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