Quilting for a friend…

???????????????????????????????This is my friend Susie’s quilt!  She made it for the challenge in Layton Quilt Guild…  I did the quilting for her.  This is the first time I’ve quilted scallops…  It was a great adventure!   Susie won first place in the challenge!

I did feathers in the borders with some circle motifs full of pebbles.  In addition, I did pebbles in the light spaces around the center piece.  I used a metallic thread which gave me fits about 1/4 of the way through even though I used a metallic needle…  I was too far into it to start over!  LOL!  So it had a million breaks.  I won’t use that thread again unless it’s as a highlight!


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One Response to “Quilting for a friend…”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Don’t give up on the thread!!!! I sew/quilt with metallic threads all the time (both on the Juki and Sweet Sixteen). The tension (top) needs to be loosened….a lot!….and the best needles are very sharp “topstitch” needles. The eye is longer and the groove (that protects the thread when the stitch is formed) is deeper and longer. Sometimes, even on a new needle, there is a burr that is in the needle’s eye which will shred the thread. Also, make sure that all the lint is cleaned out of the bobbin area AND the tension disks on top!!!! Super important! AND, one more very important thing, stitch slower……..high speed stitching will cause the thread to break even if all else is perfect! Don’t give up!!!!!!!! Hugs………… You did a great job!!!!!! Hugs…………………….

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