Laundry Kitty Bitty.

Laundry Kitty Bitty. by ruthiequilts
Laundry Kitty Bitty., a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

Here’s my latest bitty block for our “laundry theme” in the BBC. It features my feral cat, Grey, laying in the laundry basket, but ever ready to make a quick get-away if anyone comes near! If you look in the dictionary under “scaredy-cat” you’ll see a picture of him!

IMG_2551Here he is in real life!  When feral cats are fixed, their ears are cut to identify them…  He has become quite affectionate if we sit down and let him come to us.  Otherwise, he’s like a shadow that disappears…  “You can’t see me…”


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4 Responses to “Laundry Kitty Bitty.”

  1. Kittywilkin Says:

    Reblogged this on The Night Quilter and commented:
    I love these mini paper pieced blocks!

  2. quiltykanuck Says:

    So fun!!!!

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