A clever block………..

I just wanted to reblog this great post that shows the awesome tutorial for the block I used in my doll quilt! Thanks Treadlemusic! You are awesome!!!


Sometimes the simplest of blocks can be transformed into something that appears quite complex. I included this idea, when I posted here about my Monday quilt gathering. The photo below shows my friend, Carol’s, block…….S.G. Quilt 044    The finished block options (simple pinwheel, framed small pinwheel, and churn dash pinwheel) are the result of this process……………………….

First, take 2 contrasting 10” (layer cake?) squares of fabric Carol's slice-dice  tutorial square 001  and place them right sides together. Stitch around all 4 edges (I used a shorter stitch length…2.25) and a scant 1/4” seam allowance………………..Carol's slice-dice  tutorial square 002  Taking this to the cutting board, carefully rotary cut diagonally, in both directions, being careful not to move the pieces between cuts.Carol's slice-dice  tutorial square 005   Press the seams to the darker side remembering that all the outside edges of the hst (half square triangle) are bias and subject to stretching. I did not find this to be a major problem but I…

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