National Quilt Day Event 2014

Yesterday was our Second Annual National Quilt Day Event at Legacy Village in Layton, Utah.  It is a beautiful venue for a quilt show!  I hope you enjoy a virtual visit!  IMG_2738Coming up the stairs in the lobby…

IMG_2721Roy Pioneer Quilt Guild’s President, Midje sitting at our booth…

IMG_2722And here’s Layton’s booth…  Denise and Viv hard at work!

IMG_2762And here’s our fearless leader, Cindy, and Kay holding up a Resident’s antique quilt!

IMG_2725It’s always fun to see your quilt hanging in a quilt show!  This is my Dear Jane Heart to Heart Swap quilt.

IMG_2740Always love a quilt in these colors!

IMG_2734Applique heaven!

IMG_2733Denise’s snowman quilt!

IMG_2739I love the colors and movement in this one!!!

IMG_2831This is by Carol Johnson…  She provided on of our trunk shows!  I want to grow up to be like her!

IMG_2840Again, this is Carol Johnson…  She does the most amazing landscape quilts!

IMG_2726And last, but not lease, the mini quilt/basket silent auction table…  The Event raised funds for future teachers and activities!

Thanks for joining us!!!


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8 Responses to “National Quilt Day Event 2014”

  1. lacartera Says:

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    Wow! Carol’s quilts are fab!!!! So different!!! The last photo is definitely Spring!!!!!! Thanks so much for the share!!!!!

  3. soma1773 Says:

    What an amazing quilt show!! It’s really awesome to see your quilt there 🙂


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