Bird Watching…

Yes, I’m becoming a bit of an Ornithologist wanna be…  I hope you enjoy this little trip to the Bird Refuge!  (I go frequently so I can see different Migratory birds.)IMG_2922Here are some sun tanning Pelicans we saw from a great distance!  (I’m feeling the same need.)

IMG_2867American Avocet.  Check out his pale blue legs!

IMG_2871And here’s another view of him…  That long beak is good for going after bugs in the water.

IMG_2876American Coot.

IMG_2877Cinnamon Teal (I think!)

IMG_2892Clark’s Grebe

IMG_2894There are 2 different species of Grebes here…  The two with black around their eyes are Western Grebes, and the one with white is a Clark’s Grebe.

IMG_2903Mr. Great Blue Heron, or as we call him, “You can’t see me…”  He holds really still and pretends to be a plant. Without seeing him move, at a distance you’d never know he’s there!

IMG_2918Okay, this one isn’t great, but it’s a Yellow-Headed Blackbird…  And those little spots are “Midges”.  Not mosquitoes.

(Supposedly they don’t bite, but I’d prefer not to test that theory…)

IMG_2932Hehehehe…  I really liked this picture!  3 California Gulls and an Avocet.

IMG_2951And on the way out, 2 Sand Hill Cranes!  They were massive!

I hope you liked visiting the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge again!!!

p.s. I’m an Ornithologist wanna be, so can not be held responsible if I’ve named any of the above birds incorrectly!


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19 Responses to “Bird Watching…”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Simply beautiful pictures!!! What a great day/s of bird watching! hugs~

  2. gardengirl92 Says:

    I love watching birds myself. The sand hill cranes are a favorite because I live in a stopping over area on their migratory route. We get thousands every spring and fall. I love the sound they make. It is how I know spring is close. They are here right now as a matter of fact. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  3. Beezus Says:

    I love your bird posts, since I live on the eastern side of the great divide, I enjoy seeing species that aren’t necessarily in this area. We have coots here in Nashville but I’m not sure about any of the others. Thanks for sharing!

  4. nsturgill Says:

    You are lucky to live so close!

  5. Kittywilkin Says:

    I LOVE watching birds! Your American Avocet pictures are great–what awesome blue legs! He’d be a great star of a paper pieced quilt block 😉

  6. Ron Bedry Says:

    I enjoyed your bird pictures, but those three gulls are not California gulls; I believe they are ring-billed gulls. California gulls are smaller, lighter, and have yellow legs and feet. Both are often found away from the coast.

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Thank you Ron! Like I said, I’m a wanna be bird watcher… The Utah State bird is a California Gull, and sadly I can’t distinguish between gull types! I’m glad to know their name. I did see a gull looking bird with a slightly longer, curved bill. Not sure what it was, and I wasn’t able to get a picture. Thanks again for letting me know!

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