Quilting Overkill?

Welllll…  I just finished quilting my friend, Viv’s sweet little quilt.  I am incapable of doing minimal quilting!

(I think it’s because my mistakes are so much more pronounced if it’s minimal!

If you quilt the heck out of something there’s so much going on that the little gizmos don’t show up….)IMG_2981I didn’t end  up baby sitting today so I had some less-busy time for quilting!  (I say less-busy because I still have my own to deal with…  They’re not nearly as difficult!)

After a full day on the Bernina, Viv’s quilt is finished!!!  Such a sweet quilt.  I hope the quilting isn’t too overdone for her…IMG_2985Thanks for visiting!!!


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12 Responses to “Quilting Overkill?”

  1. Janice Says:

    You are doing a great job. I like your ideas and placement of the quilting. Lovely.

  2. quiltykanuck Says:

    You did an amazing job!

  3. Doreen Says:

    Again….your stitching motifs are so in keeping with the applique/piecing. Each is enhanced by the other and no….it most certainly no quilted too densely!!! Love it!!!!! Hugs…………………

  4. stitchinstein Says:

    That’s a very sweet quilt. I don’t think it is overkill at all! The quilting has a lot a variety! Looks great!

  5. soma1773 Says:

    The quilt is gorgeous and your quilting is making it even more beautiful, Ruth!! I hope you will post a photo of the finished quilt!


  6. Lucie the Happy Quilter Says:

    I love the quilting. Thanks for the inspiration.

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