And here’s my “Wordplay” bitty block #2!

Bitty blocks usually measure 3.5 inches square unfinished.  Occasionally when we do a crazy themed side swap we can choose to do 3.5 inches square, or 3.5 x 6.5 inches.

That gives us a little lee way with our design choices!  I decided to use the awesome image of the sign that I got from “So Much” when I “googled” pun images… I came up with the frogs sitting in the bug (Ha!  Pun intended) with the license plate “LV BUGS” showing two frogs “Parking”…  Hehehehehe…

That male frog is a cad.  Can you see him making the moves on the girl?!

IMG_3011Thanks for “hopping” by…


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9 Responses to “And here’s my “Wordplay” bitty block #2!”

  1. quiltykanuck Says:

    LOL! Love it!

  2. Deonn @ Quiltscapes Says:

    Hahaha! You are a gem, Ruthie!

  3. Silvana Pereira Coutinho Says:

    Hehehe! Luuuuv it ! Sooo cool!

  4. wombatquilts Says:

    Too funny. As an Aussie this has extra meaning that I love.

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Oh oh… You better tell me what it is! LOL! (Unless it’s x-rated!) 😉

      • wombatquilts Says:

        Not x rated…unfortunately. Australia had a brilliant idea many many years ago to bring in cane toads from South America to kill a native beetle destroying cane sugar. Fast forward 50+ years and the toads have killed to the point of extinction a number of native frog species…as well as a number of marsupials. We HATE toads with a passion.

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