Big Boy 4014 comes through Salt Lake City!

Okay, okay…  I know this isn’t a quilting post, but someday one of these images could hypothetically be made into a quilt!  LOL!  As over half of my family qualifies as “train fans”, I felt that a little blog about this moment would be appropriate…

IMG_3279The Big Boy Locomotives were built for Union Pacific Railroad in 1941.  The steam locomotives were 132 feet long and weighed 1.2 million pounds.

Because of their length, the frames of the locomotive were articulated to allow them to negotiate turns.

IMG_3286The large engines usually traveled between Ogden, Utah and Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The 4014 Big Boy was located in Pomona California,

but is being moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming for restoration.  This will take at least 5 years.

The Big Boy is being towed by a diesel locomotive, ironically named 4014!  They must have planned that…

IMG_3276My son and I had to park about 1/2 a mile away and walk in to see it due to extremely large crowds…

What a thrill to witness this locomotive as it is making it’s way home.

IMG_3277It is being pulled at about 25 miles per hour.  Tomorrow it will take another break in Ogden, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing it again!

Thanks for stopping by!  (I’ll get busy making that quilt.)  😉


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7 Responses to “Big Boy 4014 comes through Salt Lake City!”

  1. soma1773 Says:

    This is so awesome!! I love old trains too 🙂


  2. Caitlin | Blue Dot Jewelry Says:

    How neat! Great photos.

  3. treadlemusic Says:

    Those photos are awesome with the “big boy” and the mountains in the background!!!!!

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