HMQS 2014…

Well, I should have known that I didn’t stand a chance, but it was a great experience nonetheless!  Here I am with my entry:???????????????????????????????Now for your viewing enjoyment!IMG_3501

“Big Bertha” by Margaret Solomon GunnIMG_3502Here’s the close up of her quilting!  Lovely!

IMG_3505“Green Miles” by Peggy Kragnes.IMG_3510“Kailua Turtle” by Michelle Baker.

IMG_3538This is a close up of a quilt titled, “A Pocket Full of Paisleys” by Lorilynn King.

IMG_3552“Dance to the Music” by Jennifer Day.

IMG_3566“So much Life in a Tiny Seed” by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer.

IMG_3473“Gregs Song” by Cheri Meineke-Johnson, quilted by Linda V. Taylor.

IMG_3590“Waiting” by Betty Jo Tatum.IMG_3602

“The Shell Collector” by Bethanne Nemesh.IMG_3606Here’s a close up on that one!!!  Wowza!

IMG_3615My friend Cynthia with her quilt!

IMG_3597My friend Diane and her quilt!!!

Thanks for joining me in some quilting eye candy!!!


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17 Responses to “HMQS 2014…”

  1. cdahlgren2013 Says:

    Both yours and your friends quilts are quite beautiful, and even though none of you won a ribbon, you have a lot to be proud of. I wish I had progressed enough already to do what you’ve done.

  2. nsturgill Says:

    Thank you for sharing them all

  3. trkingmomoe Says:

    Wonderful quilt show. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I also like the little quilt you did.

  4. treadlemusic Says:

    Wow!!! The “bar” is set so high I can hardly see it!!!!!! Love yours (of course!!!!) and I recognize the Paisley quilt from a past issue of “Machine Quilter”. Those quilts defy words!!!!!!!!! Have bookmarked this post!!!!! Hugs………………..

  5. Jans Art Quilts Says:

    Your quilt says spring has arrived and I love it. I always say, it’s the journey that makes our quilts special and it seems like you enjoyed the journey. Thanks for sharing the pictures of all the other quilts.

  6. Valerie Smith Says:

    Great pictures thank you for sharing!! I had a quilt in the show too (and I knew I didn’t stand a chance either when I entered it! HA!) but it was still really awesome just to say my quilt was there. Loved seeing all the photographs of the amazing quilts I missed as I couldn’t be there – and I adore your entry!! 🙂

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