Hawaiian Quilts~ The Henry And Angela Hite Collection

Yesterday I had the honor of attending a quilt show at the Union Station Train Depot in Ogden, Utah.  I brought you a sampling of the Hawaiian quilts that were featured there, from the collection of Henry and Angela Hite.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Applique Plumeria, circa 1930

???????????????????????????????This is a close up of the feather stitching done on the applique…

IMG_4070Applique Hawaiian Sandalwood, circa 1950

IMG_4072Applique Comb and Fan by B. Lincoln, circa 1960


Applique Plumeria #2, circa 1940

IMG_4089Applique Pineapple, designed by Leone Kamona, circa 1992

IMG_4090Close up on scallop quilting on pineapple…  I love the texture this creates!

IMG_4093Applique Pua Kapaloke, circa 1920

IMG_4095Applique Hawaiian, circa 1900…  Note the ruffle along the edge!

IMG_4097Applique Christmas Cactus, circa 1930

???????????????????????????????No information on this one as the picture was unreadable…  😦

IMG_4121Applique Silversword, made by Mrs. Escabar, circa 1981

IMG_4124Applique Orchid, made by Gladys Tasaka over 1 year, circa 1982

IMG_4125I wanted to show you the picture that was used as inspiration for this piece.

IMG_4128And last, but not least, my quilty friends that went with me!  Midje, Paula, and Sheri.  I always love a great quilt show!  This was no exception.

Thanks for joining me…

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3 Responses to “Hawaiian Quilts~ The Henry And Angela Hite Collection”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. Hawaiian quilts have kinda been in the shadows of late but I see them as the “mod” quilts of yesteryear!!!! These are gorgeous examples!!!!!! Looks like you had a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely good time!!!!!!

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