College Days Blog Hop Post July 1st 2014

Hi everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of Whims and Fancies “College Days Blog Hop”!!! I was so excited when Soma asked me to participate… My college days are long since passed, but I do remember them fondly. I attended a small community college in Northern Wyoming. I designed my pattern based on all of the Nursing Text Books I’d haul around with me from class to class. That was one heavy backpack! Now, I must admit that I didn’t enjoy reading those text books nearly as much as I love reading fiction…14353559513_d9030c0b67_o

As a freebie, I’m including the patterns for this little wall hanging, “Loves 2 Read” featuring my 10 inch Blog Hop Book block. (Say that 10 times fast!)

???????????????????????????????*If your pattern is printing out to 5.5 inches, try printing it at 182% for the 10 inch size…  It printed at the correct size on my computer, so I’m not sure how to fix it, but I’ll see what I can find out!  Sorry about that!!!

-Variety of Fabrics for Book block
-Copies of Paper pieced “College Days Book block” Patterns
-BSK (basic sewing kit)
-Sewing Machine
Book block pattern:

Use this for pattern placement-

*Be sure to add ¼ inch to all paper piece edges as they are not included in the patterns!
Stich paper piece sections as numbered. (I like to color code the pattern before I cut it up so I know which colored fabrics go where.)
Sew upper book section together first A-B-C, then D. Set aside.
Join E-F, and G-H-I. Stitch EF unit to GHI unit. When you stitch these together, there is a slight curve toward the center. Just match up your edges appropriately and pin in place.
Stitch ABCD unit to EFGGI unit. Add J strip to the bottom. Ta da! You are finished!!!

“Loves 2 Read” Pattern:

*If you have any problems printing out the patterns, right click on image, “save as ______”,  click on saved image and print.
-scraps of fabrics left over from Book block above
-½ yard background fabric (I always get more than needed when paper piecing. You can use extra for backing if you have enough!)
-Two 3 x 10 1/2inch background rectangles.
-Two 5 ½ inch background squares.
-Completed Book block as above.
-Copies of Paper pieced “Loves 2 Read” Patterns
-BSK (basic sewing kit)
-Sewing Machine

Loves 2 Read Piecing instructions:
*Be sure to add ¼ inch to all paper piece edges as they are not included in the patterns!
Paper piece all sections as numbered.
Stitch AA-BB. Then add CC,DD, EE, and FF This will complete the word “Loves”.
Stitch GG-HH, add to II. Join JJ to GGHHII unit. Add KK, LL, and MM. This completes “2 Read”.
Trim edges of paper pieced words to ¼ inch all sides. Using the word “Loves” stitch 1 5 ½ inch square to right of word. Stitch last 5 ½ inch square to left of “2 Read” paper pieced section. Sew 3 x 10 ½ rectangles to either side of paper pieced book block. Sew “Loves” section to top of book block section, and “2 Read” at bottom of book block section. All done! Now for quilting…
I quilted mine with a variety of stitches in each of the books. I did a thin shadow quilting where the pages of the open book are to represent the paper. I did clamshell in the table section. And last but not least, I stitched in the ditch around the letters and then filled the rest of the space with McTavishing. I hope you like it! Thanks for joining me in Whims and Fancies, College Days Blog Hop!


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39 Responses to “College Days Blog Hop Post July 1st 2014”

  1. Jessica Burns Says:

    I remember those nursing school textbooks! My roommates (a history major & an English major) didn’t get why I had to have such huge books. They decided that the only thing useful about them was to put them in a pile on top of a wicker trunk to use as a stand for a laptop to watch movies!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Brilliant idea! I had a really hard time getting rid of them, in fact, I still even have a couple now. (I graduated over 20 years ago!) They took up a whole lot of room. Thanks for stopping by Jessica!

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  3. withajoyfulheart Says:

    Oh, I just loved my college textbooks: parasitology, ecology, biology…I was studying to be a forest ranger, never completed it, but I so loved the smell and feel of brand new text books…all books for that matter lol Great pattern, thanks so very much!

  4. soma1773 Says:

    Haha! I have a few of my old textbooks lying around too! That is such a beautiful wall hanging Ruth! I love the colours and the quilting is gorgeous!! Thank you so much 🙂


  5. Margaret Andrews Says:

    What a wonderful block! I can’t wait to put it together. Our small library has a fund raiser and it will make a wonderful project to donate. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Vicki H Says:

    Love your wall hanging. I have a granddaughter just learning to read. If she gets the love, I will make the wall hanging for her.

  7. Mary Says:

    That is fabulous – especially great for an avid reader.

  8. ipatchandquilt Says:

    Hello Ruthie,
    Your block is awesome! I believe many quilters will make your wall hanging!!!

  9. AmandaK@whatthebobbin Says:

    I love how this turned out! Nice block 🙂

  10. Silvana Pereira Coutinho Says:

    Ohh my!! This wall hanging quilt is just fabulous!! Brillant, stunning! And Clever! You are a adorable talented quilter, dear friend!!

  11. krislovesfabric Says:

    Heavy text books are synonymous with college for me as well…great design!

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  13. Susan Says:

    I have many of my college music textbooks. I love to read too! Thanks for the pattern.

  14. Karen Porter Says:

    Another terrific pattern — and a great little hanging. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  15. Janine Says:

    This is a wonderful wall hanging. I loved your block when I saw it at Soma’s and the lettering makes it even more special 🙂

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  20. Susie Says:

    Your wallhanging is so pretty! I love the books and your colors.

  21. Janice DeWall Says:

    I love this wallhanging… would you please post a finished size for it?

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  23. bkringel Says:

    This a fantastic! I haven’t done any paper piecing yet. Kind of nervous about this process for some reason. But I might give this a try. The part that looks challenging is the curve of the open book. But I really like this block!!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Thank you! I usually don’t do anything but straight edges, but if you just do it in numbered order you’ll be okay! I always match up my seams with pins as well so they go where they need to… Good luck!

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