Pink and Red Bitty Block on White…

Here is my latest bitty block for the BBC (Bitty Block Committee)…

The theme for this month was pink and red on a white background.

I decided to combine my recent love of bird watching with the heart theme when I designed my block.

I titled this one “Love Birds”.  It features flying geese and a separate bird…  I worried it was a little overkill, but went with it anyway!  ???????????????????????????????It measure 3.5 inches unfinished, and 3 inches finished!  Hope you like it!

Thanks for visiting…


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9 Responses to “Pink and Red Bitty Block on White…”

  1. soma1773 Says:

    Yikes!! Those are some tiny tiny geese! And that small beak of the bird! How do you ever manage?? That is one beautiful heart, Ruth! Love it 🙂


  2. adaisygarden Says:

    Such pretty colors!

  3. frilka Says:

    wow …. amazing 🙂

  4. treadlemusic Says:

    Never “overkill”!!!!! So much fun!!!!!!

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