Love the smell of homemade bread!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Vivian gave me a sour dough starter…  I have made bread almost everyday since!

I liked making bread many years ago, but it had the tendency to crumble.  The recipe Viv gave me is a nice loaf!  I

have substituted 1/3 of the flower with wheat and I use bread flour instead of regular flour…  I also add crushed Vit C.  (No idea why, but

one of the other bread recipes called for it!) IMG_0126The bread I’ve made in the past didn’t look nearly as good!  One of the recipes call for “cutting slits” into your dough,

and using an egg wash right before baking…  It really makes a pretty loaf of bread!

Sorry if I’ve made anyone hungry!  Off to have a slice with butter and honey!

Thanks for visiting…




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8 Responses to “Love the smell of homemade bread!”

  1. Lucie the Happy Quilter Says:

    That looks yummy.

  2. ruth Says:

    The slits help the bread expand.

  3. laflor5233 Says:

    Looks mighty yummy!

  4. soma1773 Says:

    The looks incredibly tasty!! There’s nothing like home made bread, the smell when they are baking in the oven….. 🙂


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