Jumping the gun just a smidge…

IMG_0146I made this little quilt for my partner in the MQTS.  I sent it out last week, and it should be there tomorrow…

The theme was “Anything Goes” so I decided to try a new technique.

I used whole cloth quilting and then painted the sections that weren’t quilted with Lumiere paints…  I like the way this came out…

I have a few more things up my sleeve that I can’t share just yet, but soon!  LOL!  (3 challenge quilts that I’m working on like a mad woman!)

IMG_0148Here is the back, which I may have shown before…  LOL!

IMG_0149And last but not least, my very shy feral kitty, Grey.  (Creative name, no?!)

Thanks for visiting!


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6 Responses to “Jumping the gun just a smidge…”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!! Whole cloth creations are popping up in so many places. Each one is so beautiful and unique, as is yours. The quilting is so wonderful. Just lovely……………………….

  2. soma1773 Says:

    It is gorgeous, Ruth!! The painting looks so pretty and you even managed colour within the lines 😉
    Grey is so adorable! How can you not love that face 🙂


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