FMQ samples

This is awesome inspiration by Esther at ipatchandquilt! Great ideas!  Please visit Esther’s blog by clicking on the link below…


As I promised you yesterday, there is much more FMQ to show you!  Today there is a portion of FMQ samples.

I am showing you the front and back of the samplers as I am using a darker thread on top to see what I am doing. The backside actually shows you what the FMQ looks like when you are using a matching thread colour. In most of these samples I prefer the back to the front.

These next samples are bigger at 10×10 inches. I was inspired by the craftsy class by Angela Walters on feathers.

I am really enjoying working on the feathers! These “bump-back” feathers are really coming out gorgeous!

I think they are super cool!!!

You might think I have exhausted my supply of samples now, do you? ( go to my previous posts to see much more FMQ work)

No no no… there is more!!!

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5 Responses to “FMQ samples”

  1. Esther F. Says:

    Thank you for my first reblog!

  2. ruthiequilts Says:

    Forgot FB is linked to my blog, so it’s there as well! Thanks again Esther!!! (I gave credit to you in both places!!!)

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