Playing with color…

Last week, one of my friends, Emily from “Aunt Ems Quilts” invited me over to play with a technique she had found online!  Ever willing to experiment, I was thrilled!IMG_0169We gathered supplies, and got the crayons melting…IMG_0170Then we drew a pencil image on white fabric…IMG_0172Here’s Emily working on her little masterpiece!

IMG_0171Mine is almost done…  (Keep in mind if you try this, you’ll never be able to use your brushes again!  LOL!)

IMG_0173Then we hit them with the iron!  We used lots of newspaper to absorb the wax both sides.  Emily went first, and we discovered you have to press

straight down to avoid distorting the painted image…IMG_0174And I used a second piece of white fabric to absorb a mirror wax image from my first ironing…

It required a whole lot of work to get most of the crayon out.  I still think mine is a little stiff, but I may try some embroidery or embellishments to make the edges

a little crisper…  Hope you enjoyed watching us play with color!


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2 Responses to “Playing with color…”

  1. laflor5233 Says:

    Very interesting.

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