Roy Bingo Blocks…

You may recall that last week I took the Bingo blocks that were made in the Roy Quilt Guild.

IMG_0655I cut them in half on the diagonal and added a white strip.IMG_0656Again, I cut them on the diagonal adding another white strip.

IMG_0660This week I got them all put together and added a white border and a wider border using Amy Butler fabric.  The Amy Butler fabric for the border and backing was donated by one

of our generous members, Karen D.  In addition, she provided the batting!  (And for good measure, she’s going to bind it for me…)

I got the top pieced together, pin basted, and proceeded to quilt it…

IMG_0768I have to say that I love the way this one came out!

I did leaves, swirls and flowers in the white sashing and border, and feathers in the colored squares and outer border.

IMG_0783This is going to be a grand prize at our Christmas party in December!  (Is it wrong that I want to win it?!  LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by…


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8 Responses to “Roy Bingo Blocks…”

  1. Debbie@ShelteredStitches Says:

    Ruthie, I am working on a scrap quilt right now with the same basic layout. I am making the X sashing 1″ and was going to sash each block too.. I saw yours and went flying in to the ironing board to see how it would look! I think I will stick to the original plan as the blocks will be square but I had to do some magic tricks to get them there.. I’ll never get the bottom triangle from the upper to latch the upper triangle of the lower. no way no how.. the full sashing at least will hide some of the errors 🙂 Yours is lovely! and yes you can hope to win it 🙂

  2. Oh Sew Tempting Says:

    It’s gorgeous! Lovely colours and great pattern idea too 🙂

  3. fromsomewherewithlovex Says:

    That is gorgeous, lovely contrast between the colours and the sashing…

  4. Debbie@ShelteredStitches Says:

    Hey Ruthie.. top is done.. not pressed and its way off kilter in places because I had no idea how to properly square the triangles.. but I’m OK with all that.. big picture is I’m thrilled with it.. and I did opt against the full sashing in the long run too..

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