Just playing a bit…

I joined in another swap (surprise surprise!) after meeting Mary Lou Weidman at Utah Quilt Festival last month…   My friend Emily was in her class

and encouraged me to join in Mary Lou’s group as well.

Mary Lou had such a fun, quirky style, I had to get in on her next swap.

Lo and behold, it was “Owls”!  Yay!  I used my Great Horned Owl as a model.  I finished up the last of the owl bodies today and decided that they looked like

dresden plates.   (Loosley! LOL!)  I stuck them on more of the background fabric and came up with this design:

IMG_1022These aren’t sewn down. Like I said, they’re for a block swap.  This is such a fun idea, I may do it in fabric in the future!!!

Thanks for joining me!  Fun things here in the works…

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7 Responses to “Just playing a bit…”

  1. daniellajoe Says:

    It looks like a flower too, it is very original looking 🙂

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    It DOES look like a flower!!! I had to look twice to see the cute little owls!!! No surprise that you would join another fun group!!!!! LOL!!!!

  3. laflor5233 Says:

    I like it.

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