Quilting like a mad woman!

I quilt with a wonderful group of friends on Tuesdays at our local Senior Center!  A couple of my friends are

always looking for projects to donate to worthy causes…  Vivian had these blocks that she donated, and Susie sewed them

together….  Vivian, Susie, Emily, and Diane pin basted it on Tuesday, and I brought the quilt home to quilt.  After a mad sewing day, it is all quilted!

Back to Susie for binding…  It’s being donated to our local Homeless shelter to be raffled off for funds to support the center.

What a great bunch of friends!  They inspire me!

IMG_1152Coming along nicely!

IMG_1148I’ll show a full picture tomorrow when I have some daylight!

Thanks for visiting!!!


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4 Responses to “Quilting like a mad woman!”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Such worthy causes and heartfelt donation!!!! Spurs us onward, hmmmm? Love the quilting motif!!!!! Beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to see the finish!!!!!

  2. Jolly and Delilah Says:

    Lovely work! I always love people who donate their quilting work. It’s so personal, and such a lovely gift for someone in need of a little bit of love. Or, indeed, a quilt.

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