A fun little project…

Hi everyone!  Things have been a bit hectic in my world lately, but I wanted to share this little project with you!

I call it a “Pin Pen”.  It’s basically a little quilt on which I display my collectible pins…  I use raw edge squares of fabric and stitch everything in place using grid quilting!  Easy peasy!

IMG_1037I need to make a couple more for some quilt pins I’ve been saving up!

IMG_1039I received this one from the quilter, Susan Brubaker Knapp, a facebook friend!  She was kind enough to pick one up for me in Las Vegas!

IMG_1038I wanted to show you what I do on the back.  Before I stitch on my binding, I add 4 squares folded on the diagonal in each of the corners.

I baste them in place, and then put my binding on as normally done.  I cut a piece of cardboard to go between the wall and the back of the pins.  This keeps them from scratching the wall.  (The cardboard has to be removed every time I add a pin, but it works like a charm!)

Hope you all enjoy my little project!  Thanks for stopping by!


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